About us

Dreamhome Exchange group was created in January 2015 on Facebook as I was looking for a mutual Exchange from Eastbourne to London.with over 12,400 members we are the only mutual exchange Website nationally that has been set up and driven by tenants,understanding their needs and challenges.We have experienced all the highs and lows and can offer support to you, through all the stages as I have recently completed a five way swap.We believe that good communication and teamwork can help get through the process and have built a good rapport over the year with multiple members all looking for that fresh start.

We converted from  LTD company to a CIC organisation August 2016.Making us a non-Profit organisation.Dreamhome Exchange CIC aims to save local authorities money,by supporting social housing tenants looking for a mutual exchange.With the bidding system taking some families up to 10 years.Finding exchanges have become a popular way to move.We would like to start with Project London focusing on the 33 boroughs in London and outskirts.Some councils offer incentives to downsize.We are able to save them money but supporting tenants who need help.We are now in contact with over 20,000 tenants looking for an exchange through our facebook groups and pages,Instagram and our website and have sucessfully moved many familes.

Future Goals

We would like to continue are success of supporting tenants who need us through stages one to five and also be able to create an offline publication,Hold events and workshops, hold charity events and rolling projects to help those families in deprived areas,Women fleeing due to domestic violence and tenants moving from adapted to adapted property. Building multi swaps become easier with support along the way. Finding your dream home can be fun and exciting.

Don't give up on your dreams.x